Artdent offers you the full range of products in the mobile and stationary
prosthetics at competitive prices to give you the ability and comfort to
use only one laboratory for all your orders.

The services we offer our clients are:

  • Zirconium - CAD / CAM
  • Metal Ceramics
  • Press Ceramics
  • Cast Metal Frame Dentures
  • ArtDent aligners
  • Elastic /soft/ dentures
  • Constructions on implants
  • Orthodontic appliances
  • ArtDent design & 3D print center

18 Years

Professional Expertise
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Discover the 7 main reasons to choose our laboratory and see for yourself the precision, pleasure and enthusiasm we put into our profession:

We are dental technicians who work with passion. We are constantly improving and strive to keep up with the latest global trends. We never stop learning and implementing modern equipment, the latest generation in modern innovations into our work.
One of the basic principles of medical care is reliability. We understand that the patient is at the center of the care and effort we give each other. Just as your patients can count on you, you can count on us In us, you will find a reliable partner – for quality materials, quality workmanship, good aesthetics and punctuality in deadlines.
We do not compromise on the choice of materials we put into our products. We use only the best! All the materials we use meet global quality standards. We are ready to confirm this to your patients by issuing a guarantee certificate that contains full information about the consumables used.
For us, the relationship with the dentists we work with is special. It is characterized by trust, and trust is built over years and must be maintained. That is why we strive to provide products that meet all individual needs. In this way, your patients will be satisfied – and this satisfaction will strengthen your relationship with them, your relationship with us and deepen mutual trust. It will be our pleasure to share with you the information and professional knowledge we have gained over the years. We are able to negotiate and accept constructive criticism because we believe it will make us even better.
Every dentist’s requirements are as varied as the patient’s expectations. Every dentist has preferences for certain materials and technologies. Some prefer to do one or several intermediate samples, others want less. It all has to do with the end result, the final product, a flawless smile and therefore patient satisfaction. That’s why we’re up to the challenge of meeting everyone’s individual demands for quality, service, commitment and timelines.
We are fully aware of the responsibility of dentists to their patients. We sympathize with the efforts you make and can respond by providing a five-year warranty on fixed restorations (e.g. crowns, bridges) and extending the warranty from two to three years for removable dental structures (e.g. dentures).
The prices we offer are reasonable and fair. They are updated and are in line with the economic situation in Bulgaria. In addition, we do NOT rely on the philosophy that high price is the main indicator of the quality of the service being performed.
If you are interested in more details about our laboratory and our services, we will be happy to help you.
You can contact us by phone, email us at artdent@artdent-laboratory.com or use our online contact form.


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